Are you leading in your local community or in a community of interest...  and want to grow and develop your leadership skills?
Incubator is designed for you! 

Specifically designed for the leader in the community keen to develop and grow, and keen to sustain some good initiatives that you may have been involved with. 
Packaged into valuable learning opportunities designed and proven to make a difference.


The Incubator programme is delivered through


  • Opportunity to connect, share expertise and consider new ideas

  • Lead ourselves: Sustain ourselves to be at our best.

  • Lead others: Get others involved and bring out the best in them.

  • Lead change: Grow and strengthen our communities.

ACTION LEARNING GROUPS OF 6 three hour sessions

  • Groups of 7-8 people meet once a month to connect, provide mutual support and grow together.. and connect with wider incubator team members over shared lunch


  • Online assessment followed by 2 one on one, coaching sessions

  • To bring awareness of your unique strengths and talents so you can work and live at your best.


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Are you more about growing leaders around you?

Maybe Cultivator is for you?

Cultivator is a peer network of existing and experienced leaders designed to extend your skills and confidence in growing other leaders


LinC has had a significant impact on communities since 2015

Check out some summaries of LinC 1/2015 and the impact on communities and leaders within them...

From sports groups, to cultural and geographical initiatives, LinC has supported and empowered leaders to sustain and develop programmes 

“ I’ve loved rubbing shoulders with key community stakeholders in the city and the exposure to outstanding leaders and innovative leadership ideas has been both life changing and inspirational." #SekiALinC #GameChanger

Daisy Lavea-Timo Pasifika Community, Judah Arts, Health CAYAD, Canterbury Rugby League
& English Teacher at Cashmere High School 


Why 'Leaders in Community'?

People thrive in communities, which thrive with leaders, who thrive with support.

Every one of us benefits from being part of communities where we feel a sense of belonging and contribution. These might be our physical communities, the streets where we live, our football club, culture group, church, fellow artists or surfing mates.  These communities are the result of individuals within them showing initiative, hosting gatherings and organising initiatives….basically leading.

But what happens when these leaders get exhausted, over stretched and sometimes stop their quiet leadership roles? When these communities begin to fragment then each of us involved in that community also feel the impact.

LinC is about supporting and growing these leaders to keep them thriving, renewed and in the game.

Applications for Cultivator and Incubator close on December 9, 2017. Feel free to contact us with any questions.