What Is The LinC Project?

Building communities through supporting local leaders.

The LinC Project started as a 10-month, strengths-based leadership programme  for 40+  individuals from communities across Greater Christchurch in 2014. The second group began in December 2015, with 35 leaders from ‘community organisations’ and 10 leaders from Government organisations. In 2018 the LinC project becomes LinC Incubator, LinC Cultivator and Activator.

The intention of LinC is to support and sustain these leaders, their colleagues and their wider communities in the following three areas.

Supporting and Inspiring

The sharing of experiences, complemented by the input and mentoring of core people alongside, as your focus is defined and your flame kindled…

Initiating and Sustaining

As ideas are born and others reactivated, with renewed function and purpose, all set up to see them go the distance and you healthy and full of hope and optimism all the way!

Reflecting and Connecting

A huge focus on recognising what has gone before, and where we are at now and from week to week on the journey… Logical to start where people are at, but so often overlooked!

LinC has two core programmes... Cultivator and Incubator, and an inspirational speaker series, Activator!

Check out the latest LinC Cultivator information    here

Check out the latest LinC Cultivator information here

Check out the latest Incubator information    here.

Check out the latest Incubator information here.

Why 'Leaders in Community'?

People thrive in communities, which thrive with leaders, who thrive with support.

Every one of us benefits from being part of communities where we feel a sense of belonging and contribution. These might be our physical communities, the streets where we live, our football club, culture group, church, fellow artists or surfing mates.  These communities are the result of individuals within them showing initiative, hosting gatherings and organising initiatives….basically leading.

But what happens when these leaders get exhausted, over stretched and sometimes stop their quiet leadership roles? When these communities begin to fragment then each of us involved in that community also feel the impact.

LinC is about supporting and growing these leaders to keep them thriving, renewed and in the game.

Applications for Incubator and Cultivator close on December 6, 2018.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.